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  • Introducing California K9 Solutions
    • … a team on a MISSION The awful truth is that we have too many dogs that aren’t “mannerized” to live among us. People do not have the peace of mind they deserve. The stress, problems, and strife of dealing with a dominant and out of control dog are not what people signed-up for as pet owners. The other sad fact is that thousands of dogs are getting euthanized because of the community’s inability to train dogs… We as humans have perpetuated an attitude that lacks urgency in keeping tabs on man’s best friend. The Cali K9 team is on a mission to use our specialty in behavior modification and socialization to impact the community’s number of bite cases and number of dogs that get sent to shelters each year – and to reduce the number of folks out there who can’t sleep at night because they have a ticking time bomb running around in their back yard. … is dog psychology simplified Cali K9 is about us taking high competition-level obedience and simplifying
        • New Video – Welcome to
          • Full transcript below! Robert Garcia: I came one day and said I wanted our dog to be extremely obedient, you know, just at the drop of a dime – I just couldn’t be happier. Gotta go to CaliK9! Anjelica Mangubat: After the first session, Sumo (puppy) knew how to sit, how to go down; he was good with kids, and with us. Susan Spencer: He’s very high drive and high prey, and had more hard-headedness than any doberman I had. He would tear stuff up, go to the bathroom in the house, wouldn’t listen. The first class that we went to, out in the park, the FIRST class, FIRST time – this dog was listening. Jas Leverette: Pack structure is the foundation for everything that we do. The dog’s place in our world is to be a follower of pack leadership. The dog won’t listen and follow your commands – if it doesn’t have the respect for you as the pack leader. I believe in balanced training which is positive reinforcement and correction, so your dog is very cl
              • How we train your dogs using private and group classes
                • When you decide to go with a training package, you get a balanced set of opportunities for one-on-one learning, as well as integrated learning with the larger class. The benefits of a private dog training session The private classes are intended for our trainers to address your specific needs and concerns. For example, during your first private lesson, you get an hour to learn about the basic terms and lingo we use, as well as some quick and effective methods to show what you want and don’t want out of your dog. We also take the time to see what you want out of your dog and we will leave you with exercises to reinforce those needs. Your next class might be something more specific. For example: you don’t want your dog to bark uncontrollably when someone rings the doorbell. We’ll take that need and setup a controlled environment where we can show your dog how to behave within those conditions; the training is even more effective if this “controlled environment” is the actu
                    • Pack Leadership
                      • How can I show pack leadership at home? So we hear the phrase “be the pack leader to your dog” all across many dog-training sources. Most of the time, there are no objective descriptions of what being a pack leader really is.  The strength of a person’s pack leadership can depend on many variables like consistency, assertiveness, fairness, and the relationship with the dog. Just like in the real world, just because someone is your boss or manager, this does not automatically make him or her a good one. The same logic applies from our dog’s perspective. The following are some characteristics of a pack leader that you can emulate to be more respectable, and even likeable. A pack leader remains calm in environments that can be stressful to your dog Imagine walking down the sidewalk and a group of kids are on roller blades, bikes, scooters – you name it – are headed straight for you and your dog. You notice that the sounds and stimulus is starting to overwhelm your do

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Need your dog to be better around people, other dogs, and any other distraction you can think of? Bring your dog over and we'll show you how to form a positive, loving, and respectful bond between you and your canine. If you, the pack leader, has nothing to be worried about, neither should your canine companion.

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